Award-Winning NY Sharp Cheddar

In the small town of Adams, New York, milk from the finest dairy farms is transformed daily into this mouth-watering Cheddar. The ideal agricultural conditions found in upstate New York are a key part of what gives Adams Reserve its distinct flavor. Available in several sizes for all your needs.

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Our Signature Chef Jonathan Bennett

Renowned Chef Jonathan Bennett of Cleveland based award-winning restaurants Moxie and Red The Steakhouse, prefers Adams Reserve Cheddar. “Several of the flagship recipes in my restaurants use Adams Reserve Cheddar. The flavor and texture make the dish.” Ready to watch him cook?

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Aged Naturally for the Best Taste!

There is a reason our customers keep coming back. Our New York Extra Sharp Cheddar is naturally aged for the creamiest texture and award-winning flavor. Time and again Adams Reserve Cheddar is the choice of discerning shoppers, cheese judges and chefs. Try it for yourself and get won over!

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